Classic Motivational Moment…
Holiday Hope


During this time of feverish holiday activity, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what is most important to us. Having to do even more work than we usually do with our jobs, preparing for holiday parties and family
visits, as well as fighting the crowds at shopping malls can challenge even a Saint’s patience. Yet we should not allow the season’s busy schedule to detract from it’s special meanings of love, faith and hope.

Picture yourself on a tour in a large theme park. There are more than 200 people on a huge seven car shuttle like vehicle with a tour guide at the front. You are sitting in the first seat of the first car which faces the rest of the people on the tour. You notice a teenage boy sitting in the front row with his parents as they gently say to him, “OK son, we have to listen to the tour now.” You come to the conclusion that this boy is special in that he suffers from some kind of neurological disorder or mental disability.

As the tour continues the boy starts to yell out loudly in a variety of ways – sometimes mocking the tour guide or just screaming incoherent things
at the top of his lungs. You notice that his father is absolutely mortified and continues to become more agitated with the boy as he tells him to be quiet. As the tour is coming to an end you can see that the boy’s parents, particularly his father, are on the verge of tears with frustration and embarrassment. The father does not even want to acknowledge his son at this point as he looks in the opposite direction.

Then, in the midst of the tense awkwardness of the situation, an amazing and deeply touching scenario develops. The boy, although not fully capable of understanding his surroundings, somehow sees the anguish on his father’s face. At that point the boy leans over, hugs his father, kisses him on the cheek and says in a strong but gentle voice, “I Love You.”

Several years ago I witnessed this exact event. Along with the rest of the people in the first car, I was moved to tears. The boy’s father hugged and kissed him – all of the recent events being forgiven from the power of love.

Of course we are all busy during the holiday rush but let us remember, regardless of what our personal faith or religious affiliation might be:

When you can’t agree with people what is right,
LOVE is always right

When you lack the patience to deal with everyday pressures,
Have FAITH that with perseverance it will work out

When you feel like there is just too much to do,
Know that with HOPE you can make the ordinary
into something extraordinary.

May your holiday season be filled with Love, Faith, Hope and lots of soul-cleansing laughter.