Educating the Public Can
Make You Money


Educate existing customers and prospects as to why your product or service is better than others or simply why they should use your product or service. This can be done through seminars, ads or direct mail, newsletters or even special promotional videos, booklets or reports. I know an attorney who has written a very informative booklet on car liability insurance premiums and what you should and should not carry in case you are in an accident. He gives the booklet away for free to educate people with no strings attached. Guess who they and their friends call when they need an attorney who is an expert in that field? He is educating them about the industry, giving them value and proving that he is an expert on the subject. His business BOOMS.

Learn to use objections as selling points in your marketing by educating people. For instance, if you are the highest priced in town, explain why. The highest priced photographer in a major city explains that he customizes wedding photos more than any other photographer with a series of black and white and color shots. He shows prospects his unique and brilliant portfolio. It includes photos of wedding couples leaving their ceremony, in the limo and arriving at the reception that are artistically magnificent.

This photographer immediately tells his potential clients that he will save them the trouble of price shopping. He tells them up front that he is the most expensive in town. He makes this routine objection into a selling point by positioning himself in his marketing and face-to-face sales as the “rolls royce” of photographers. He has more business than he can handle – all because he is honest with his prospects and educates them from the beginning.

In some cases, your industry might have a unique selling point that the general public does not know about. Be the first to educate people about this interesting process of preparing or manufacturing your product or service and you can gain the advantage of a “preemptive marketing strike”. This truly uses the power of educating your prospects because the perception is that you are the only one using the process. By being the first to tell prospects about unique processes in your industry that insure quality, you can position yourself as the best, most service oriented company in your area of business.