Harrison Assessment™ Behavioral Traits Profile


We are a partner with and distributor for Harrison Assessment™ Behavioral Traits Profiles www.harrisonassessments.com . Created by mathematician and psychologist Dr. Dan Harrison, the Harrison Assessment™ instrument is a global phenomenon – an unprecedented breakthrough in assessment. With our strategic partners, we conducted a worldwide research effort to find the most effective way to determine: Who will succeed in sales, production, supervision, service leadership and upper management? Who will resist or embrace change? Who will be cause-motivated, mission-driven and visionary? Who will make well thought out decisions and be able to execute them? Finally, what causes turnover and how do you retain good people?

We studied virtually every method of testing, feedback and selection.

The result of the search was the discovery of the Harrison Assessment™. It’s accuracy, depth, predictability of success and validity of its results made it the instrument of choice for our clients. We would like you to experience how The Harrison Assessment™ can support you in accomplishing your mission and assist your leadership in achieving its organizational and personnel objectives. Michael L. Stahl is a certified consultant with the Harrison Assessment™ and has personally done analysis and debriefs for executives, managers and sales professionals all over the world.

We have witnessed the Harrison Assessment™ contribute to breakthroughs in human performance, communications, team effectiveness and productivity- It gives you immediate insights into how well (and why) an individual will function in a job, team, or contribute to your culture. It allows you to customize a development program that will improve your organizational team’s performance and get the results you want, when you want them.

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