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The Mental Hygiene Project
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The Mental Hygiene Project was designed to promote awareness, prevention, mitigation and training around mental health injuries that profoundly impact our society and workplaces. This significantly increases the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity , creativity and innovation of organizations at every level.

Mission –To educate, empower, guide and lead both public and private sector organizations in the awareness and prevention of mental health injuries through providing relevant, customized and transformational training and development.

To enhance understanding of and training for all facets of individual and organizational mental health which leads to a more fulfilling, productive workplace and a more prosperous and thriving community.


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This process provides your company with the tools you need to build and sustain a positive structure that exceeds past, best performance on a consistent basis. Once this foundation has been laid, your organizational team will be able to continually assess, design and execute on positive growth strategies.

Inside of organizations we focus on assessing current needs, moving forward with customized training, performance coaching or specific organizational projects and then we follow up with our work in the form of measurement and setting up accountability processes.

Our core process base for implementing strategies
for optimum growth include:

The Motivational Concepts Leadership Institute provides your managers with step-by-step building blocks to raise performance. Over a one year period, your managers learn how to create high performance employees, improve emotional intelligence, create a common language and a methodology for performance and design a team environment for that leads to inspired performance at every level in your organization. This leads to a management team that uses creativity and innovation to provide quick and practical solutions to challenges and close the gap between stated values and actual practice in the workplace.

“Our managers have been involved with the Motivational Concepts Leadership Program and are very happy with the results we have seen from this powerful training. The content is strong and practical. We have just signed on for another year and have recommended this training to our sister property in Scottsdale, Arizona. We would recommend it to any company seeking to improve results.”

Carmen Nasser
Employment Manager
Beverly Hilton Hotel

Our focused, Target Coaching looks at specific areas of need, corrects behavioral trait imbalances and gains results in the areas of improved sales, leadership and communication. This coaching process defines goals, outcomes and action items for the individual to improve results in every area of their job role or function.

Frontline Coaching/Training Performance Partnerships –Businesses like retail establishments, call center or counter based sales, hotels, restaurants and theme parks all engage in frontline sales. In many cases, frontline sales people, the most important team members to affect both the top line revenue and bottom line profit of a business, are given either poor training or no training at all in how to maximize sales while at the same time delighting customers and creating positive referrals.

We offer full engagements that focus on how to optimize talent and increase top-line revenue while at the same time improving customer satisfaction ratings. A small incremental increase in top-line revenue from the frontline can have a profound positive impact on the bottom-line profit – in some cases even doubling the margin, depending upon the industry.

We also offer a full suite of Management Development
Training in areas such as..

  • Creating High Performance Employees
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Communication
  • Stress management
  • Situational Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Selecting and hiring high performance employees
  • Delegation
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Performance improvement and management
  • Creativity and creative problem solving
  • Managing and navigating change
  • Customer service
  • Business ethics
  • Balancing the Paradoxes of Leadership.
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Presentation skills

NOTE: Each organization is different and therefore
has unique needs. Generic solutions don’t always fit your
needs or wants. A program can be completely customized
and developed based on YOUR specific objectives.

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